Retirement Savings Solutions, Inc.

Latest Enhancement for Retirement Plans for Small Business

Custom online program  for small businesses designed by actuary with over 35 years of experience.

Providing benefits for small business owners and professionals   that are comparable to big corporations

    Retirement Savings Solutions, Inc.
We have been collaborating  for the past  13 years  with a highly experienced actuary to develop a unique small business platform for a cost effective ADP tested Profit Sharing Plan.    Frank Svrcek has worked over 35 years as an actuary on consultancies with KPMG, Arthur Andersen, and Ernest & Young,  focusing on specialty compensation and pension planning and designing.  The latest program is called Retirement Savings Solutions and is designed specifically for professionals and small business owners that will:

  • Weather your changing personal and business needs and objectives

  • Focus on individual service, maximization and retention

  • Take care of you and your high value employees

  • Help you meet  current DOL  regulations so your plan is  ready for auditing  and ADP testing       

  • Make your business attractive to possible buyers

  • Allow you to Retire

  • We have just begun enrolling  clients using this  program.    We guarantee small business owners  have never had an opportunity like this!  Our program helps navigate you through the new tax laws and makes sure you are compliant.   Call Dave Parker at 307-856-1234 to see if you and your employees qualify.  Start planning now so you can invest more.