Sun Realty Inc.

                        Sun Realty Inc.

Sun Realty is the final piece of our Total Asset Management Program.

Dave Parker Broker/Owner

Many of our clients wanted their real estate investments to be more closely coordinated with the comprehensive planning that was already being done for them through Fremont Financial and Fremont Financial Advisors. As a result Sun Realty was established. 

Whether clients are looking to add to their investments or change their location, Dave is able to help them make wise real estate decisions that fit into their overall plannng and help them to achieve their goals.

Unlike most realtors we are not totally dependent on real estate commissions. Remember,  first and foremost we are required to act as  fudiciaries  to our clients because of our other businesses.  That means we act in your best interest.

Call to learn about the details.  You could save $2,000 or more. During these hard economic times you deserve a break.    CALL  DAVE at 307-851-4949

*This is not a solicitation for real estate currently under contract but if this offer appeals to you it would be available after your current contract expires.