Fremont Financial Advisors, Inc.

Fremont Financial Advisors, Inc.

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Investment Solutions for Individuals and Small Business

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                      Fremont Financial Advisors, Inc.

Fremont Financial Advisors, Inc. (FFA) is an independent Wyoming registered advisory firm providing our clients with comprehensive investment advisory services.  We work with both individuals and small businesses  of medium to high net worth. 

We serve as the asset gatherer and coordinator for all the programs our clients are given access. We provide investment solutions to meet the needs for  individuals , trusts and estates.  We also provide retirement planning and tax favorable benefits coordination through  pension and profit sharing plans and defined benefit plans for small business owners and their employees.   As investment advisory representatives  we are fudiciaries which means we are only allowed to work in our clients best interest.  Dave and Kathy Parker are both Individual Advisor Representatives with a Series 65.

We have a strategic alliance with  highly experienced  money-managers who have   over 70 years of combined experience with MBA backgrounds in finance, economics, and international business.   Their investment services include asset allocation portfolios of exchange traded funds, growth portfolios and balanced portfolios depending on the needs of our clients. Our clients have a unique opportunity to have a "face-to-face meeting"  via a video conference with the money managers at our office to get to know one another and discuss the money managers plan for investing their money. This is a step most firms are not able to provide.   Clients receive quarterly portfolio summary reports and quarterly financial markets perspective directly from the money managers.

We are proudly adding another money manager who  helps us specialize in small businesses and clients who are longterm and patient investors planning for retirement.  This privately owned RIA provides clients with investment management services through two strategies.  The Total Return Value strategy uses a blend of equity and fixed-income securities  allocated to corerespond to the clients preferences.  The Focussed Fixed Income Value Strategy offers a focussed list of fixed income securities of public  corporations and the US Government using fundament analysis and opportunistic investment pricing.
In 2017 clients were given acess to a investment advisory service over the internet.  The Wrap Fee Program gives clients the freedom to add to or withdraw money from their accounts and change their portfolio allocation between stock and bond exchange traded funds.  We work along side the client providing  investment  advice and support as needed.

All investment accounts are housed at  third party custodians which means that the money managers do not take custody of money or securities in advisory accounts.  This provides our clients with  complete transparency for all transacionts made  on their behalf and all clients have direct  viewing access to their accounts 24/7. 

FFA also works with a select network of professionals who share their expertise with our clients.  This network includes CPAs, accountants, an estate attorney, a TPA, and an actuary.  Each client is unique and their circumstances dictate the types of professionals they need to work with.  FFA  arranges and coordinates meetings with any of these experts to help our clients target  their immediate goals and objectives, as well as, their retirement goals .   Our main purpose is to help  organize our client's  finances  in the most efficient manner to reduce taxes and maximize their ability to be  invested in a portfolio that matches their risk tolerance  and needs.